I write, produce, direct, host, and like making cool stuff. Here’s some of that. I’ve done some shows…

The Escape Issue
Topic Talks: Music
XQ: Super-School Live

online projects,

Long live the group chat
The enduring power of aunties
Who watches the men? A Trump-era comic
Extremely my shit: a video series


Playing ‘Overcooked’ restores my friends’ spirits
When a good movie becomes evil
The religious experience of Rupaul’s Drag Race
A love letter to Popeyes fried chicken
The ageless joy of Kingdom Hearts
The Great Comet will never die
Final Fantasy taught me how to be a friend
My grandfather rests on a hill that leads to heaven

podcast episodes,

On drag queens and queer culture
On growing up with video games
On learning how to ride a bike

and appearances / interviews.

Forbes, 2018 30 under 30 in media
Bric TV, Pop-Up Magazine: You have to be there
Brooklyn Magazine, 30 under 30
South by Southwest, Bringing stories to life on mobile
BuzzFeed’s Another Round, Shot #9
Gimlet Media’s The Nod, Good for the blacks?
Tomorrow with Joshua Topolsky, Episode 67